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The opportunity to meet and have a great conversation with running legend, Scott Jurek.

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I really enjoyed my time in Seattle when I ran the Rock N Roll Marathon there in 2010. Although my finishing time was a pleasant disappointment due to injury, the entire trip was one of the best “race-cations” I’ve had. Here are 10 photos of some excellent experiences I had while there.

Not included in the photo’s above, but well deserved of an honarable mention:

  • The Food. I had so many wonderful dishes, quite a few of them from Tom Douglas’ restaurants, not to mention the plentiful seafood options.
  • Top Pot Doughnuts. Yes, this is food, but it gets it’s own mention. Local legend and definitely worth a visit. 
  • Above is a photo from the Science Fiction Musesum, which is a part of the larger EMP Museum that houses a dedication to rock n roll and pop music. Hendrix and Nirvana anyone? 
  • Pike Place Market. See fish thrown across the aisles, visit the first Starbucks, enjoy some chowder and buy some local art.
  • Seattle Underground Tour. We didn’t do this, but thought about it. Essentially old downtown Seattle still exists… below downtown Seattle, literally.

Good luck to all the runners racing this weekend, enjoy it and do a little google searching for some of these things you can also experience. It’s worth it.

Have you ever been to Seattle? Do any of the above? Let’s also wish good luck to RnRSea runners!