When I was asked to review a running hat by Headsweats, I happily agreed. I have a shaved head (clippers, not razor) and running long hours in the sun can be rough. When it arrived in the mail, I couldn’t help but notice how “light” it felt. There were no hard creases or tough spots on the hat. It really just felt like a bill and a very soft cloth. The back of the hat had a buckle that was easily adjustable. It has an opening, typical of adjustable hats that can be used as “ponytail portal” — but I don’t think I was the demographic for that feature.

It’s called the “Race Hat” (perfect name, right?) and is made of “Coolmax® Fabric shell and COOLMAX® Fabric terry headband create maximum air flow and moisture transfer.”

That headband in the description is really cool. It is not thick at all and is really comfortable. It really feels like the rest of the hat, just a tiny bit thicker and prevents sweat from running down the front of your face. It’s COOLMAX, so it doesn’t absorb the sweat either. I like to imagine it makes the sweat magically disappear.

Want to know a secret?

I actually did something that I probably shouldn’t have… the first time I wore it was on an Ultra Marathon. Yep, I went with something new on race day. And not just any race day, an ULTRA race day. It worked out perfect. It was comfortable and did a fantastic job of keeping my head cool and dry… well as dry as you can expect when you are running for hours and hours. On my next Ultra, there was no question what hat I was going to wear. I went with the headsweats hat again and without fail, it came through again.

I’m actually going to buy a couple other ones. They are effective and really cost friendly. The “Race Hat” goes for $20 on their website and there are even options to order custom hats with a logo or image on it. They also have IronMan and Tour De France hats available for purchase along with different styles — headbands, visors, beanies, even the ones that come with a drape to shade your neck. They are available for various sports:

• Triathlon
• Running
• Marathon
• Cycling
• Rowing
• Adventure Racing

and of course, the ten things I showed above.

They guarantee their product 100% and have an “Unconditional Money-back Guarantee,” but I don’t think you are going to need it. This hat has become my go-to hat on long runs and race day. I plan on wearing it on my marathon in November and on my 50 miler in December, that is how much I’m really enjoying it.

Bonus point: It washes REALLY easy. I’ve washed mine several times, after all, it is white, but other colors are available. The only thing I don’t do is dry it, I simply leave it hanging to air dry — I actually do this with a lot of my running gear.

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I was not compensated for this review, however I was given the hat to try and keep… and you bet I’m keeping it. This thing is awesome. LOL. All opinions are my own and you can’t have them.

Do you run in something to protect your head and keep it cool at the same time?

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