The event shirt — I think it’s pretty cool!

This whole week I’ll be posting about my very first 50 mile race (it’s this Saturday, 12/1). I’ll be talking about how I will be taking it nice and slow and have a goal of just finishing injury free…

BUT today I want to talk about how I went FAST on Turkey Day!

I ran a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. It was a local 10k and the whole family came out. Wifey and the First Lady did their very first 5k. Wifey pushed the stroller while the FL went along for the ride. I’m really proud of both of them.
I don’t run shorter distance races very often. Here are my 2 previous races:

10k (2009): 50:45, 8:06 pace
5k (2012): 22:45, 7:19 pace
My super-secret goal was sub 45, which would be better than a 7:14 pace.

The starting area


Here is how it went down:

Mile 1: 7:49
Just a general race courtesy note: if you plan on walking a race, please start at the back or make sure you are as far to the right as possible. There were plenty of walkers (understandable) that started at the very front and walked directly down the middle and were multiple people across. There was a ton of weaving going on, people jumping on sidewalks, over curbs. Very dangerous. I actually almost sprained my ankle. Not a great start to my goal.
Mile 2: 7:01
Finally getting to some open spaces where I can stretch the legs a bit. Hoping that I didn’t burn too much energy on the first mile speeding up, then slowing down. Still weaving, but finding some spots to pick up the pace.
Mile 3: 6:58
Trying to make up time for the first mile. Feeling good, but can tell that this pace is really pushing it for me. The course has opened up and I’m not weaving very much, if any.
Mile 4: 6:59
Starting to find some consistency, but legs are feeling it. Going to try to hang on for the last two miles, but I can tell it’s going to be really close.
Mile 5: 7:37
I got a really bad side stitch and decided to walk for 20 or so seconds. I tried to run through it, but couldn’t catch my breath and decided to take the “hit” on the time, regain my breathing and see if I could recover.
Mile 6: 7:14
With my breathing back on rhythm, I find the pace I should have been at the whole time. This last mile did involve some weaving based on a smaller course path, but I focussed on a couple runners close by and tried to stick with them and pass some.
.2: 6:09
This was an all out sprint. I was looking at my watch and could tell I had SECONDS to make it. There was a 2-lane path over a bridge (part of the out-and-back). I got stuck behind a double stroller on the up as I couldn’t pass them before. I decided to dart into oncoming runner traffic (when I could) and make the move. I barely made it, but safely weaved through, sprinted to the finish line and…

Finish Time: 44:52 (7:14 avg.)
Overall: 98/1538
Age Group: 12/106

Phew. That is close! Had I not made that move on the bridge, I wouldn’t have made it. A couple notes:

  1. When I run marathons, I take walk breaks. I understand walking during a race. BUT if you are walking the entire race, please be considerate to other runners and start towards the back. It makes it really dangerous when there is constant weaving going on, especially with children present.
  2. The move I made on the bridge put no one in danger. I actually waited 10 or so seconds to make the move when it was clear enough for me, the stroller and the oncoming runners. Be smart when you are weaving. Like I said above, be considerate to all runners/walkers.


Post-race hydration, I’ll let you make the matches. (Me, wifey, the first lady and Mika)


After the race, I was able to see wifey and the first lady cross the finish line. I was one proud hubby/daddy.

It was a wonderful way to start off a day to be thankful. It also meant, I got to have some extra ice cream for dessert.

Me and The First Lady taking a post-dinner walk. Thankfully one of us is keeping an eye on the geese. America’s Funniest Home Video moment anyone?


How was your Thanksgiving?

Did you trot?