AT&T Park, San Francisco, 2012

Running can be many things to many people. Some use it as a stress reliever, or a tool towards overall health and fitness. It can be used as a social occasion, or it can be alone time. It is also a way to honor or pay respects to someone or something. Today, I will be doing the latter.

As many of you know, September 11, 2012 is the 11 year anniversary of a series of attacks committed in the United States. I already have 9 miles planned for Tuesday morning, but I’m going to add 2 miles to make it 11 as a way to pay respects to those that lost their lives. I’m not going to get into politics and who should be where and who is doing what and by whom. I’m just going to add on a some miles as a way to commemorate a very sad day in our nation’s history.

On September 11, 2001, I was waiting outside of my class in college and as the start time for class came and went, we all began to wonder if class was going to be canceled. We hadn’t heard about what was happening (this was way in the past before Twitter and Facebook and iPhones). The instructor came around the corner in a rush, he asked if we had all heard what was happening (at this point, only the first plane had struck). There was a TV in the classroom, so we all gathered and stared at the screen, almost motionless and speechless. After the second plane struck, we were quickly told that we could leave class, make phone calls, etc. as each of us needed to. Initial details were obviously limited and being in San Francisco and being in a major city, we were not sure what to expect.

It’s a day that many of us will always remember and today, when I hear a low flying or loud plane engine, I’m immediately reminded of that day. I’m not saying I’m traumatized by the events, it’s just something that I think I will forever associate with that morning. I guess I can consider myself blessed that I’m not faced with daily (or even frequent) encounters with war.


I’ll run wearing my USA track and field shirt and my NYCM arm sleeves. It may not be a lot, but it’s my way of doing something different to remember a day in our nations’ history… 2 extra miles to make it 11 miles on the 11th anniversary.

Feel free to share any thoughts below in the comments.