In order to bring awareness to ALS, there has been an “ice bucket challenge” that has been sweeping through social media. Essentially you challenge people to either dump a bucket of ice water on themselves or make a donation to ALS — preferably both.

See Sharp Run and myself were tagged by Michael, And since I was going to be down in Anaheim, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to accept and throw down a MAJOR CHALLENGE that just might break the internet, or at least create something memorable.

See us drop ice water on ourselves:


We are tagging:

Stuft Mama
Katrina Elle
Weight Off My Shoulders — ACCEPTED — see the video
Running Hutch
Shiawase Life

and of course, THE SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM at Rock ‘n’ Roll

Yep. That last one is MAJOR and both See Sharp Run and myself don’t want to have to call anyone at the RnR Social Media team by name… so… let’s make something EPIC happen.

See the RnR Social Team accept the challenge!

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Would you be up for the challenge?