This past weekend was a BIG milage weekend for me. I have the San Antonio/Las Vegas double-day race for Rock ‘n’ Roll in two weeks and needed to get good strong back-to-back runs in. I had the US half marathon on Sunday, so I decided to do 20 miles the day before. Both races were set to be at comfortable paces, but both contained some strong elevation changes.

This is what Saturday’s 20 miles looked like:


I felt pretty exhausted after this run. Truth? I did a lot of 20 mile runs during September, but sort of let October slip. I had a couple of half marathons, but nothing longer in terms of distances. Jumping to 20 was going to be tough and although it usually is not recommended to jump that high, I knew my body could handle it, if I allowed it to walk when it needed to. I slept in compression gear Saturday night to help speed up recovery and decided to just run the 13.1 on Sunday. Truth again? I wanted back-to-back 20 mile days. I probably could have done 20 on Sunday, but it would have wiped me out for the week and I would rather get in some strong 7 mile runs early in the week rather than use them as recovery days. See? I can be smart about things sometimes.

It really is all about knowing your strengths and listening to your body.


On Sunday, I met up with Tracy at the start who drove up from San Diego with friends for the race. I had the opportunity to meet her earlier this year at RnRSD and was happy she decided to come and enjoy San Francisco for the weekend. She ran a really strong race and set a PR… the US Half is a challenging course, so kudos to her for having a really great race.


After that, I met up with my friend Chris and we ran the race together. We came across some familiar faces and took advantage of a gorgeous day in the city. The sky was clear and it actually started to get a bit sunny/warm on the course.

Let's go up the hill!

Let’s go up the hill!


One of my favorite sections of the course: going under the bridge then back across it.

I crossed the finish line around 2:05 and was happy with how strong my legs felt considering I had run 20 the day before. Being familiar with the course helped as I knew what to expect in terms of elevation gain/loss. I’ve learned to run the Golden Gate Bridge pretty strong over the past couple years, where it used to be more of a “mental challenge” for me in battling the climb/descent.

We stayed on a consistent pace for most of the race. I stopped to take a couple photos, we walked a couple times and I took advantage of the water stations as I was running without hydration. Chris is training for an Ironman, so he had gone on a 100-mile bike ride on Saturday… ya, we are “that kind of crazy” and use races as ways to get in the second-half of a back-to-back weekend. It really is the best way as you can feed off the energy and excitement of the race… and you get a medal at the end.

Of course, the US Half continues to impress with their medal design.




Thanks to all the kind words and encouragement on social media all weekend. I love seeing how this community comes together to cheer each other on, offer support when we need it and celebrate running, no matter the distance or speed.

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How was your weekend?