First long run of the year with some wonderful friends. (Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco)

First long run of the year with some wonderful friends. (Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco)

I race a lot. Maybe not as much as some runners, but my year is usually filled with some race distance every couple months. I use races as ways to check in with my progress and various distances are used to prepare me for further distances later in the year. I love races. There is something about being out there on race day lined up next to other runners that have trained and prepared for months.

With that being said, I’m pleased to share the first half of my 2013 race schedule:

February 23 – Lake Chabot 50k
March 17 – LA Marathon*
March 24 – Oakland Running Festival (Marathon)
April 13 – Lake Sonoma 50 Mile
May 5 – Toronto Goodlife Marathon
June 16 – San Francisco Marathon

*I have not registered for this race, but am including it as a possibility. Yes, that would mean back-to-back marathon weekends, but It would be used to improve my training for the 50 mile.

The first 4 months of the year will be spent training for the 50 mile race followed by a “celebration” run in Toronto. I’m imagining that I could use some vacation time after 4-months of “pushing my limits” and what better way than to celebrate it than by running a marathon in Canada? I’ve never been to the city and hear wonderful things. Plus, a personal invitation and promise of donuts from this inspirational friend and a some helpful nudging from this fitness superstar as well, make it a must. Plus, I know lot’s of other FitFluential folks in that area, so can we make this a party, or what?

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be highlighting each of these races individually.

Happy New Year! Is it too late to still say this?

What does your race calendar look like?