This time last year, I was writing about how a group of us “crazies” were getting ready to race in the morning in San Antonio, jump on a plane, then race at night in Las Vegas on the same day… otherwise known as the #SA2LV crew. Well, that was last year and we figured we should do something again this year. Here is my race schedule for this weekend:

Saturday: 7am, Revel Canyon City Half Marathon
Sunday: 5:30am, Disneyland Avengers Half Marathon
Sunday: 4:30pm, Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

That would be starting 3 races in 33 hours, or 3 races in 2 days, or 3 races in 2 states, or 3 half marathons in one weekend, or 39.3 miles over two days… any way you look at it, it probably seems a little crazy. I accept that.

But you have to understand, this is “less crazy” than some of my friends and this is a “much calmer” weekend than I was planning a few months ago. Let’s just say that my 3 races doesn’t even begin to compare to some of the #SA2LV crew who are doing (up to) 5 races over the two days totaling over 70 miles with multiple flights… when I’m the “sane” one amongst my friends, we are clearly in trouble.


The two races in one day is going to be a popular thing on Sunday with Disney Avengers in the morning and RnR Las Vegas at night. With Avengers starting at 5:30am in Southern California, you could take 3 hours to finish the half, have time to shower and still be able to catch an afternoon flight to Vegas (70 min flight) before the 4:30 RnRLV start time.

Friday, 12-3pm at the Pro Compression booth

I’ll be at the Avengers Expo on Friday from 12-3 helping out at the Pro Compression booth. If you are there, come by, say hi, let’s take a pic, and all that jazz. I’ll be live Tweeting and Instagraming while I’m there as well. There are a couple tweet ups happening over the weekend and I’m not sure which ones I’ll be able to attend, but I’ll be around most of the weekend.

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What does your weekend look like?