Back in the day, we were excited to be hosting 1-2 meetups at some of our favorite races with a handful of friends. Now we are getting requests months in advance on if there will be one, who is hosting, and how come there isn’t one at X race? These are good problems to have and it means that what we have created as a community, means something.

Let’s get right to what appears to be our “busy season” for events. Over the next 3 weekends, there will be 7 meetups (#RnRLA would have been 8, but plans didn’t come together in time).

Marine Corps Marathon

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016
2PM at the Awakening Statue, near the expo
Hosted by @vk_davies @runnerchick29 @nomadrunner


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The Awakening Statue, near the expo.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016
7AM at the Waving Girl State, before the race
Hosted by Rock ‘n’ Blogger’s @funnerrunner and @jayknightlife


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The Waving Girl Statue, near the start line.

The Waving Girl Statue, near the start line.


NYCM Weekend

Run Selfie Repeat Shakeout Fun Run
Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016
9:30AM at Finish Line Physical Therapy
Hosted by @kellykkroberts @finishlineept
Pacing Groups led by #werunsocial crew: @nycsweat, @the_athletarian, @happytrigirl, @sarahpardus @ohanaloverun

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Disney Wine & Dine

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016
1PM at the Marketplace Carousel at Disney Springs
Hosted by @irisheyes1982 and @justin_stone24

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Avengers Half Marathon

Friday, Nov. 11, 2016
5PM in Downtown Disney at the Starbucks patio
(next to World of Disney)
Hosted by @ivieanne, @a2thej44, and @pinkcupcakegirl



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Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas 5K: Donuts!

Sponsored by @sparkleathletic and @procompression
Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016
5PM: Pre-5k donuts in front of gear check
Hosted by @matmilesmedals, @sas_rubel, @funnerrunner

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half and Full Marathon

Sponsored by @sparkleathletic and @procompression
Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016
3:30PM at the concert in front of the VIP tent
Hosted by @pavementrunner

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Vegas Swag

Pre-orders have closed for the WE’RE WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS reflective shirt, but there are about 20-30 extras orders that can be purchased in the store for ONLY $15. All orders come with flashing LED lights for your shoes and packages can be picked up at the Sparkle Athletic booth at the RnRLV expo.

Here is a link to more details about the Vegas meetup.


Last year's meetup - don't miss out on the 2016 photo!

Last year’s meetup – don’t miss out on the 2016 photo!


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What’s a Social Meetup?

If you have never been to a meetup, or have no idea what happens at these things, it goes down a little something like this:

  • Everyone gathers at a location give or take 5-minutes.
  • The host says something, blah blah, hashtag #werunsocial.
  • If there are giveaways, that happens.
  • If there are snacks/drinks, that happens too.
  • More chatting, mostly about running. Selfies with new friends (and old).
  • Everyone gathers for a photo.
  • People stay, people go, but a good time is had by most.

It’s really that simple. There are not drinks, or snacks, or giveaways at all the meetups, but usually it’s a safe bet that the majority of the people have a good time. Typically there may be some awkward introductions, or people may be shy in introducing themselves, but we are all runners, we are all people, and we are all about the community. If you are around at any of these events (or upcoming ones), please come by. Feel free to bring a friend, too. Everyone is welcome – even if you have no idea what #werunsocial is (and BTW, it’s a running crew made up of runners that love social media – so that’s you!).

Upcoming Meetups: RnR San Antonio, CIM, Dallas Marathon, Walt Disney World Marathon, Miami Marathon

(Almost) 100k

The #werunsocial hashtag is about to reach an amazing milestone on Instagram. At the time of this post, we the hashtag just surpassed 95,000 tags. Is the next three weekends what pushes it over the limit? Either way, the community is growing and it’s being driven by YOU, the runners.

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