Understand me when I write this and know that I wouldn’t be doing it if I thought it was going to injure me. That being said, after a weeks rest from the ASICS LA Marathon, I have three races in three weeks. The schedule looks something like this:

March 9: ASICS LA Marathon
March 23: Oakland Marathon
March 29: Livermore Half Marathon
April 6: San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

That’s a lot of running, I know. But Oakland and RnRSF were originally the only two on my calendar. When ASICS approached me to be a part of the Blogger Challenge team, it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. The Livermore Half is the wildcard. It’s an inaugural race done by a race series that I’m a fan of — Project Sport. They put on the US Half which I have run more times than I can count. I want to say 6? But the point is, I like their races and the local feel that it has.

The last 4 years, I’ve run with the Oakland Running Festival and each year I look forward to it. Last year, I described it as a running a race where “I finally learned” and it was my first time breaking 4 hours. I have set a PR on this course before, but with my times improving over previous years and this being a hilly course, it is going to be tough to pull off something faster than 3:37. I’m also guessing that my legs are still recovering from LA. The plan is to run a strong race and use this as more practice at maintaining an 8 minute pace. The first 12 miles are up hill then it flattens out, so perfecting the pace on the latter miles will be good training. I’ll see how my legs feel later in the week and reevaluate closer to race day. Also, having run it the past 4 years, those that run it 5 consecutive years will receive a bonus medal.

As far as Livermore and RnRSF, I don’t think I’ll have the juice in my legs to bust out a half marathon PR and I haven’t been working on my half marathon pace over the past few months. Both races will be for fun and good training towards running on tired legs. After that, I don’t have anything scheduled until May/June, so some rest is overdue.

Livermore Half Marathon, 3/29
$10 off code: PRFAN

San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half, 4/6
$10 off code: HITTHEPAVEMENT

Bay to Breakers, 5/18
$5 off code: PAVEMENTRUNNER5

This week I’ll also have a RnRSF preview post up. I ran the course on Sunday and snapped lots of course photos, so I’ll be able to break down the sites and scenery for you.

Have you ever raced events so close to each other?