Originally, I was scheduled to get in 5 miles this morning, but coming home late after a showing of Coraline (good film BTW, not to mention it’s in 3D) the alarm clock needed to be on ‘roids to get me up on time. So with a late start, my 5 mile run turned into a 3 mile tempo run.

Taking advantage of a rain-free morning, I grabbed the new leash (a foot longer in length) we purchased for Mika over the weekend and decided to put it of the true test, a road test.

Figuring 3 miles would take me 30 mins. or less which left enough time to shower and grab my breakfast before work, I decided to make up for the 2 miles I was going to miss by increasing my pace during portions of the run. I started with my normal 10 min pace for the first half mile as a warm up, then kicked it up to an 8 min pace for the next half mile. I did this a couple times for shorter distances along the route and increased my pace to 9 and 7 once I got the blood flowing.

Sometimes all we need is 30 mins. to get in a good strong workout. I could have easily slept in, but as the case always is, I enjoyed my morning run when all was said and done.With those of you in uncooperative climates (rain, snow, etc), how is your training going during the winter months? Any suggestions for those that could use a pep in their step?