What's 38 miles between friends?

What’s 38 miles between friends?


Last week, my friend Chris (yellow shirt) turned 38. The only way to celebrate was to run every single mile of his age. We all do that, right? Okay, good. We started at 5 a.m. to try and get some miles in before the sun came up and before the warm weather became a factor. I decided to start a hash #birthdayrun4chris and snap some photos along the way. When you are running 38 miles, any reason to take an extra walk break is always appreciated.

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I also earned some pretty cool stats from the Nike+ app… I guess a 38 miles run over 7 hours will do that.

#EndofSummer200 just got a big boost!

#EndofSummer200 just got a big boost!

There is also something else that I realized on this really long run… it’s great to be surrounded by friends that simply enjoy running. Chris and I were the only ones able to run all 38 miles, but Larry (gray shorts) ran the first 28 with us a couple of weeks after a marathon. This run had no medals, had no aid stations and the only person cheering you on was two other guys who felt like doing anything else but cheer leading. Casey (white shirt) joined us for the last 12-13 miles. It was great to have some fresh legs and high energy in the run. At that point, Chris and I were pretty toast and it was nice to have some fresh blood… not that we are vampires or anything… because if we were, we would have run it faster or turned into bats and flew 38 miles. But I digress.

What I’m trying to say is that I really do love and appreciate my friends and the running community for showing love on social media. All the comments on instagram, replies on twitter and likes on facebook make me happy that I was able to share the run with all of you.

Putting my money where my tweets are!

I ran 38 miles and it took me 7 hours. Last week, I shared a story about @RunEMZ who is doing a 24-hour treadmill run looking to accomplish 100 miles for charity, specifically for education in India. I have runners brain, but I still know that 100 miles is WAY further than 38 and 7 hours is a fraction of 24 hours. Mad respect for what she is about to attempt… AND ON A TREADMILL.


I just donated $100 to the cause. That’s right, I dropped a bill and I’m telling you the amount because when I realized what I have just accomplished is where her run is barely beginning, puts me in awe. I know not everyone will be able to donate as much. I’m not expecting most to. But if this post reaches X people and everyone were to donate $1, that would create something.

Heck, if everyone were to send out a tweet, that could help create something. Click below, I just wrote it for you.


  • Launch Party: Thursday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m., Rallypad at 144 2nd St., San Francisco
  • Run: 1 treadmill, 100 miles, 24 hours
  • Run starts: at Launch Party (8 pm), treadmills then get moved to Market street between 3rd/4th at 6 a.m. on Friday
  • Cause: Effect.org, an incredible non-profit building affordable, high-impact schools for children in India.
  • Find out more on the run: rally.org/runemz
  • Donate (even $1 helps): rally.org/runemz
  • Purchase a Limited Edition shirt (portion of proceeds to cause): ikunaapparel.com (free shipping code: EMZEVENT)

Limited Edition RUNEMZ shirt for the San Francisco event.

I’ll be at the launch party, and I’ll be rocking the Limited Edition shirt above. FINALLY got my hands on a RUN EMZ shirt and it has a shout out to my city… PERFECT. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the shirts, also goes to the cause.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and if you can’t donate, send @RunEMZ a shout out on the interwebs. Give her a virtual high-five!

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Blog: runemz.com
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Facebook: facebook.com/runemzrun
Hashtags: #runemz #24hourtreadmillrun #emzNeffect

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