In honor of our good friend Krysten of running a marathon this weekend, let’s take a look at some non-running marathon tips. This will also work for half-marathons (or almost any distance) as well. We are always in need of some last minute tips, but with a strong taper behind you, let’s take a look at the “other” factors that can play a role on race day success.

1. Walking counts.

You have been the best about your taper, right? You have been going on shorter runs and letting your body recover, so be careful not to do a bunch of walking the days before your race. Whether it’s the expo or sight-seeing, walking can fatigue your legs secretly… like a ninja.

2. Hydrate, but not like that.

Yes, you should be drinking and making sure you are fully hydrated, but slamming 7 glasses of water hours before the race will only make you water-logged and have to pee… a lot. Start your hydration a few days before the race and treat race day as you would a training run. Port-a-potty lines are no fun (see point X for more)

3. Lay it all out.

Get all of your race day gear ready the night before (or before you pack if traveling). Some call it the flat runner, but it’s a great way to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need on race day. Start at your head and work your way down to your feet. Laying out everything makes it easy race morning since you’ll be up early and it may still be dark. If you traveled, do this the morning before that way if you forgot something, you can pick it up at the expo.

4. Yes… we all have to go as well.

It’s the fun of race morning and we are all standing in line to pee. And yes, we all went before we left the house mom. But we drank a lot of water and we are nervous/anxious, so that means we have to go. Expect a line. There are thousands of runners just like you and we are all have to go before the race starts. It’s not a bad idea to make line with friends even if you don’t have to go. You might have to in 10 minutes and with the race starting soon, you won’t have time to wait at the end of the line.

Side note: if the race is going by your chip time, it’s not the end of the world if you start after your corral. It’s better than having to wait in line at the port-a-potty at mile 3 when time is running.

5. High-fives!

During the race, if you see a line if kids or a single hand sticking out, give it a GENTLE high-five. You are running and your hand is 87 times the size of theirs. It makes the kids happy, which makes parents happy and guess what, it makes you feel good too. You’ll be out there for hours, so a couple of moments of smiling will feel good. This also works at cheer stations with groups of people. Often I’ve come across them and started the high give train. I’ll scream “yaaaaaaay” and stick my hand out… sure enough everyone laughs, cheers and sticks out their hand. It’s funny.


Me and Krysten at the finish line of the Toronto Marathon

Me and Krysten at the finish line of the Toronto Marathon


This special list is brought to you because Krysten of is running a marathon this weekend and I want to wish her the best of running vibes. I met her earlier this year and she is just as kind and sweet in person as she is online. She inspires, motivates, perseveres, and does it with an incredible smile and strong spirit. I’m happy to call her a friend and wish her the best of running mojo. Trust in your training and know that you are never running alone. Get em K.


Let’s all send Krysten lot’s of running mojo!

Any non-running tips I’m forgetting?