Happy to have Mom’s Little Running Buddy join us. When I saw the title, I got really excited because there is one thing that (most of us) runners are… and that’s quirky, awkward, strange or insert “unique” word here. Okay, enough from me, more from MLRB:

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When Mr. Pavement Runner asked for guest bloggers, I jumped at the chance. Why? Because he’s a cool guy and I thought it would be fun. But then I panicked. I thought: “What could I blog about that would be fitting to his audience?” “Am I that clever or funny?” Well, the answer is no to both of those but I thought I’d try anyway. I thought and thought and nothing came to me. Then, on my long run this weekend it hit me…

During that run, I was paying attention to me a little more than normal. Maybe it was because I had found that sweet spot running where it really feels like you hit the cruise control and you’re just along for the ride..I’m not really sure why but either way it worked to my advantage or disadvantage depending on your perspective.

My guest blog:

5 Quirky Things I Do When I Run

I know, maybe a little too narcissistic but I thought it would be fun to share in the hopes that you’d share yours and I wouldn’t feel so weird anymore. Ok? So here it goes..

1. I Cry: Ok, I don’t cry but I do tear up…only in my left eye though. Not sure why and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to stop it. I’ve tried wearing glasses, using drops, blinking more, nothing helps. So people passing me must think I’m trying to outrun some crisis in my life.

2. My Nose Runs: I know, it’s not that quirky but does it qualify when it’s only one nostril? Yeah, only out of the right side of my nose does my nose run. Well, I think it’s strange.

3. I’m an Awkward Passer: You know when you are about to pass someone going to other way and quickly look to see if they are going to make eye contact or worse yet wave because you know that if they do, you have to return the favor. BUT what if you look, they think the same thing you are: “Is this person going to wave? Should I acknowledge them?” Well, I’ve got an app for that! Ok, it’s not an app but it is a face and it’s weird. It looks something like this. Yep…awkward. It’s not really a smile, not really anything. I’m not sure what people think when they see it. I’m betting it’s not: “What a nice runner!”

4. I Fidget: Like many woman, I run with a headband to keep my bangs out of my eyes and some of them slip away so I always have to adjust it but I’ve had to do it so much that now I think I’ve been conditioned to check it every 10 steps or something crazy. I am seriously always checking it.

5. I Can’t Commit to Music: Most of the times I only listen to about the first minute of a song then I shuffle to the next. Call me noncommittal or whatever but I get bored fast and need to move on OR even weirder, sometimes I download my favorite podcast and listen to it (NPR – Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me).

Ok so there you have it. Feel free to judge. I know it’s all just a little strange but you can’t sit there reading this and honestly tell me your the Perfect Runner right?….Right?

So spill it, what quirks do you have?

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I’m with you on “awkward passer,” there is always that small moment where you are not sure whether or not they will wave or acknowledge you and you are both out there on the limb waiting to see who will wave first… ha. It’s usually me and I have also made that face when I’m unsure if the “smile” will be returned. Thanks for the great post.

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