Excited to have some pink on my blog… clearly my white, light gray and navy just aren’t cutting it anymore. But I did add orange to the bottom. I’m proud to introduce Carlyn from JustKeepSweating.com. Her journey is amazing and seriously, this lady is ALWAYS working out. Guess the blog title fits. Take it away Carlyn:

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Hey there Pavement Runner readers! I am Carlyn, and I blog over on JustKeepSweating.com. I started my blog to document my continuing weight loss journey, my adventures in fitness and delicious food I eat and make. You will also find pictures and stories of my dogs, friends, family… my life is an open blog.

A lot of my workouts take place in a gym, in fitness classes so I wanted to talk to all of you about “Group Fitness Class Etiquette.”

1. If you show up late to the class, stay in the back.
Do not cut in front of someone who was already there and already has his or her groove.

2. If you’re new or a beginner, stay in the back.
I can NEVER understand why someone who is new to a class just jumps right in the front, behind the teacher like they know what to expect. It really can ruin the class for others.

3. Please leave the perfume at home.
This is just a recipe for disaster.

4. Avoid dyeing your hair the night before/morning of.
Yes, this has happened to me. A woman dyed her roots the night before, and as soon as she started sweating all you could smell was hair dye. It was awful.

5. If your class involves weights, put them back when you are done.
You would be surprised how many people DON’T do this one. As much as I love showing off my super heavy, 8 lb. pink weights, I wouldn’t want anyone to have to put them away for me!

If you follow these 5 tips you’ll be destined for greatness in ANY group fitness class.

Blog: justkeepsweating.com

Twitter: @juskeepsweating

Facebook: facebook.com/justkeepsweating

Have you noticed any of these things when taking a class?

Is there anything that has happened during a class that I didn’t mention? Let me know!


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Thanks Carlyn. I promise, I’ll be doing my “Stella Got Her Groove” thang in the back of the class. And to be honest, I have taken step classes before. They are fun and a great workout. That is all.