No silliniess today. With week two of training for the North Face Endurance Challenge (50 mile) in the rear view mirror, let’s take a look at how we did.

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: 8 miles
Thursday: 6.75 miles
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 16.25 miles
Sunday: 10.3 miles

Total weekly milage: 51.3

That is the first time reached 50 weekly miles.  I wasn’t able to sneak in any miles on the trails, something I’ll have to work in more frequently, but I’m glad I topped the 50 mile window. Exciting right?

It would be if it wasn’t for this:

After Saturday’s run I felt a pain in the top of my left foot. Nothing happened while I was running, or at least I didn’t feel it or realize when it happened.

Post run, our running group went to enjoy some coffee and conversation and as I was leaving the cafe, I felt the pain when I was walking back to the car. It wasn’t a “sharp” pain, just more of a “I-notice-you-are-there-uncomfortable” kind of pain. I think that’s the official medical term.

After searching on google, I saw some suggestions that it could be the laces on my shoes. Too tight/too loose. It’s not that. Why? Because I don’t lace my running shoes every time. I slip my feet into them and run. Been doing that for 5 years, multiple shoes, thousands of miles and it IS NOT the problem.

My milage has increased, but I’ve stayed within the 10% range and have been increasing my long runs by 3 miles each week.

So what could it be?

I went for my run on Sunday even though the “uncomfortableness” was there. I wanted to see what the situation was. Would it warm up and get better while I ran? Would it go away? Would it flair up and cause me to stop?

None of the above. It did feel better while I ran, but was still there. I notice it while I walk, but it doesn’t cause me to limp or favor (too much) the other foot. I took my normal rest day on Monday and am also taking a second rest day today (Tuesday).

I’m on some ibuprofen, icing it and trying to rest it.

Any suggestions on what it could be?

Tips for a speedy recovery?