This year provides one of those few opportunities to run your birthday age at an actual event. As the years go by, it gets harder and harder to accomplish. For my 31st birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to run 31 miles. Seems logical.

This Saturday,  May 19, I’ll be running the Horseshoe Lake Trail Run 50k (31.7 miles) a week before I turn 31. Three great friends will be joining me and each are faster and stronger than me, all being able to whip out a sub-4 hour marathon with ease.  We’re viewing this as a fun run, which might indicate we are more crazy than sane. A 50k with a elevation gain of 4,560′ as a fun run?

I’ve done a few 50ks in the past, but my last was April 2010 and although I have been running consistent mileage since my marathon at the end of March, they have been relatively low compared to the race distance.

These Ultra races take me forever as my history indicates (7-7.5 hrs) and I’ll run the spectrum of emotions: excitement, fear, confidence, I-don’t-want-to-run-anymore-please-make-it-stop, and some form of delirium.

I’m looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. I’m ready, but not really.

So here is where I need you, I’m calling for some “hype-me-up” comments… Let me know everything is going to be okay.