I’m continuously amazed by the running community. How we come together, how we encourage each other, how we engage across various social platforms… we basically RUN sh*t things, pun totally intended. On Monday, there was a request to tag your run with the hashtag #RunWithSydney as a way to show solidarity with Sydney in response to the events at Martin Place.

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The world, unfortunately, experiences tragedies like this all too often. I’m not sure if we have become “used” to it, and I hope we have not become numb to it. With a friend being so close to the events, and her being a large part of the November Project tribe in San Francisco, I was more than happy to help put the message out across social and ask the SF November Project tribe to come together. And they did.

San Francisco

After the Monday workout with November Project, I asked some people if they would be willing to go for a 1-mile run. Plenty were willing and some made a special point to come to the NP Monday workout for Rebecca. We did a half-mile out and back along the Marina Green from Fort Mason — Karl the Fog decided to join in as well.




Across the Interwebs

If you are Instagram, search the hashtag #RunWithSydney and you’ll see photos of runners helping to spread the word, tagging their solo runs, organizing their community, and coming together to run. There are photos from San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Sonoma, Southern California, Texas, New York, Maryland… there was even a runner currently in Bangkok that ran with us.




Want to run?

If you are feeling inspired to run a mile, feel free to share a pic on Instagram or Twitter and tag it #RunWithSydney — we all decided to run on Monday, but you can still be a part of the community. We also have an FB page as well.

Thank you

Cheers and thanks goes out to everyone that ran with us. Whether it was a solo run or you put the word out, or you ran with friends — we were all a part of doing something TOGETHER. I received an amazing letter of thanks from Rebecca and she loved seeing the posts, photos, and love across the internet.

Again, this community always inspires me.