Kind of a sponsored post. I was asked to tweet about them, but thought I would also do a review because I enjoyed them. I was not compensated monetarily for my time, but was allowed to select a pair of glasses to keep. All opinions remain my own.

Awhile back someone asked me what my favorite piece of running gear was (besides shoes) and my response was “accessories.” Things like gloves, beanies, compression socks, AND sun glasses! I’m a HUGE fan of the little things that can add to your normal running attire (tops/bottoms/shoes) and I’ve been known to say that wearing a cool pair of shades is good for shaving off 1-2 seconds off your PR. For the last month or so, I’ve been running in a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, courtesy of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and it has almost given me a fresh new feeling to my running, which as of lately has become almost mundane.

Trying something new

When I’m running, I sometimes fall into a comfortable rhythm. It’s great because it allows me to get in some miles and not over-exert myself leaving me exhausted for the rest of the day, but the downside is that I am not pushing myself to become a better and stronger runner. Over the past month, I’ve been utilizing bits and pieces of online running plans to incorporate into my weekly running routine. Rather than heading out for a normal 10 mile run, I’ll work in some tempo miles. And rather than going for an 5 mile run, I’ll work in some hill repeats.

Upgrading my look

I didn’t realize it until recently, but over the last 8 years I’ve only owned 2 pairs of sunglasses. One of those I purchased within the first year. That means my sunglasses game is OUTDATED and in need of a serious upgrade. When Rock ‘n’ Roll reached out and asked if I wanted to give the Maui Jim line a try, I was all for it. Sure my previous pairs got the job done, but there have been obvious upgrades in technology and I’ve just been hesitant to get a new pair. I didn’t want something that was too bulky and I wanted them to feel light when I was running. My older pair used to fog up, so I was definitely looking for a pair that DIDN’T do that. I went to my local sunglasses shop in the mall and tried on all kinds of pairs of the Maui Jim line. This pair, that pair, this lens, that lens… it was pretty fun. I narrowed my choice down to a couple of pairs and tried them on another 4 or 5 times, just to make sure they looked good.


Hot Sands, Blue Frame, Neutral Grey Lens

“Inspired By: Hot Sands, a popular surf spot in Lahaina near the Puamana community. With a sporty, edgy frame, Hot Sands an ideal sunglass choice for high-performance and active lifestyles.”

So far, the experience has been extremely positive. The sunglasses are really light — but I have been running in a pair that is, at least, 5+ years old. I also have not experienced them fogging up during a run. They also sit nicely on the bridge of my nose and I don’t feel like they are super-glued to my head like a pair of goggles. They also came in a sturdy glass case that I can keep them in, which is nice because I can travel with them securely. Thankfully, I haven’t dropped them, but I know that Maui Jim has a pretty good warranty — but I’m not sure if “runner clumsiness” is on there.

I have yet to race in them, I’ll be saving that for RnRLA at the end of this month — seemed an appropriate place to debut them. But they have definitely been helping me get the right frame of mind for my new training style. Like I’ve said before, running in cool shades gives you that feeling of being like an elite racer. It gives you that little extra boost of confidence in a training run, or that feeling of being “ready to go” when you are at the starting line. It’s the little things that accessories do that make you feel ready.

Do you run in shades? If so, what brand?