Every once and awhile, you get a weekend where it just seems like you are running around — both literally and figuratively. This past weekend was one of those times. In case you missed it, last week was National Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week and a good friend and his family were hosting a fun Run/Walk in the Sacramento area. This event and cause was close to his heart (read about it here) and it was my pleasure to bring the family to be a part of it. Social media also participated using the hashtag #Active4Asher

and THIS video was made as well:


Saturday – #Active4Asher

I went for a run that morning and got in 7 miles. After that, the family drove to Sacramento to be part of the day. We underestimated Saturday traffic, but were glad to see the love on display. And the First Lady got her shirt tagged — she was pretty excited about it.

Check out the #Active4Asher tags on Instagram!




After that we went to Old Town Sacramento for lunch, then headed to a nearby river for some swimming and building of sand castles. It was a hot day, so we were excited to be outside and having fun by the water.

Later that night was Pizza for dinner. Score!


Sunday Funday

Sunday morning included a toddler’s birthday party at one of the gymnastic-bouncy-play areas. You know, the ones that are a combination of spring boards, foam pits, and all kinds of fun things that little kids (and adults) like to play with. I’ve seen too many adults get hurt, so I was on the cheer squad encouraging the First Lady’s participation. It took her a while to get comfortable and I may have had to (lightly) bounce on a couple of things, but by the end she was enjoying herself and having a good time.

After that I was able to get an 8 mile run in. I decided to run without music just to mix things up and was surprised at the pace. It’s not like I was blazing trails, but it was a quicker pace than I was expecting considering my legs felt pretty heavy.


Moving Forward

I have big milage scheduled this week for training. I’m scheduled to hit 50 total miles this week. Oy. Monday’s run was not a good sign of things to come. I had 15 on tap and I knew 3 miles in that it was going to be rough one. Heavy legs, no motivation, and a long way to run. I sort of had a feeling going into the run that it wasn’t going to be pretty, but with the heat coming this week and Monday being a “cooler” day, I knew I had to get it in. I really wanted to stop at 7.5, the halfway point, and again at 11, but I knew that with the rest of the week’s miles staring at me and a progression run later in the week, I had to get it the distance. It was just a matter of keep moving forward, even if I had to take a walk break (or 2 or 3).

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What does your week look like?
Do you have those “tough” runs that you battle through?