I woke up a bit late and missed the start of the Olympic Marathon. Just 45 minutes, but long enough to miss the first 10 miles and the drop off of 2 of the 3 US participants. When the race ended and Meb fought his way to a 4th place finish, I felt inspired and was ready for my run. Rather than what I planned to wear, I switched to a (wrinkled) white shirt and red shorts, I guess you can say I was inspired by Meb’s performamce.

When I returned, I was happy to have the whole day in front of me. With a 3:45 wake up time for marathon viewing and a 5 am start time for my run, it was 7 and in need of something to “pick me up.” After the first lady had her breakfast, I was happy to take her out for a stroll and share with her the excitement that is the Marathon. We often talk about running and the importance of being fit and healthy, but I was glad to have something specific and recent to reference.

We made our way over to Starbucks and I shared the importance of always giving it your all and never giving up. Even if it doesn’t mean you “win” the race, the important thing is to know that you gave everything you had at that exact moment. To give 100% and when you finish, to know you left everything out there with no regrets. But, I think she may have been more interested something else.

What did you think of the Olympic Marathon?

Did it inspire you to go out for a run?