This Sunday I will be running the LA Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Maratahon. Since this race is going to be for pure fun — and it’s halloween themed — might as well dress up in costume, right?

I’ll be running it with Lisa from, who I am super excited to meet. We coordinated beforehand and decided to dress up, take a ton of photos, and just enjoy running together. It’s always nice to remember that what we do, shouldn’t always be so serious. Let’s enjoy it.


The costume is:



Hahaha… okay, so ours won’t look as cool and we wont have a giant moon behind us, but we will be dressing up as Batman… Batpeople? Batrunners? Eh, you get it. The comic superhero Batman will be our costume. You can count on a ton of photos and mayham as we run through Gotham City Los Angeles.


Are you dressing up for Halloween?