I’m not really sure how to start this post. Having a blog is a weird thing. It’s sort of like an online journal or diary, I guess, but mine is categorized or partial to a specific audience. Sure some personal stuff sneaks in here and there, it’s bound to eventually. I’ve always envisioned this as a platform to bring together the running community where we can share similar stories and motivate each other about what it is that we do: run.

Some of you that have met me in person at a race or an event have most likely had the opportunity to meet my wife. (If your guess was I’m getting married, sorry, I married my college sweetheart 6 years ago). She has been my staple for so many years and has stayed by my side as I entered the crazy world of endurance running 5 years ago. She may feel like there should have been a clause in the marriage that 4am wake up calls and running shoes lining the hallway could be a possibility. But, we’ve made some great running vacations that we might not have taken otherwise. And having a healthy husband is always a plus.

I wish there was some kind of big reveal like on reality shows. But I won’t be handing out roses, or having you call in to vote, I’ll just simply show you a photo and explain afterwards. Here’s the photo:

Here’s the explanation: I’m going to be a father. My wife is 6 months pregnant and we are both extremely excited and happy. She wasn’t able to travel to the race to star as my lead cheerleader, so we decided to dedicate the run to my baby girl (oh ya, IT’S A GIRL, thought the super pink shirt might have hinted as much). I had a custom shirt made online that says “Running for my baby girl” and rocked my fastest race to date.

I guess baby jogger reviews are in my not-too distant future…