It has been a week since the Arizona marathon, so I bet you are wondering what is up next? Well, I’m not one to rest for too long before I’m running another marathon (perhaps to a fault), but I’m excited to announce this next race for a few reasons. The first is that I have been asked to be a part of the 2014 ASICS Marathon Blogger Challenge team. Sounds fancy, right? Basically, ASICS is helping me get ready for their LA Marathon on March 9 and helping me train to do my best. I’m part of a blogger team (more on that in a future post) and they are providing us with 12-week program, ASICS gear, and access to Coach Andrew Kastor (last name sound familiar?).

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Due to my running a marathon in the middle of my 12-week marathon training program, it had to be slightly altered, but I’m ready to go. One thing about having a goal and missing it, is that it fires you back up. The course will be a bit more challenging than the flat AZ course, but you know what I’m going to be chasing right? That’s right. I’m throwing it right back out there a week after missing my mark: I’m training for a sub-3:30.

18 out of 20

Do you know that I have run 18 out of my 20 marathons in the ASICS Kayano? Yep. It has been my marathon shoe since my very first 26.2. The two times I was not in an ASICS Kayano shoe were my last two marathons in 2013 (Las Vegas and CIM). For those two races, I didn’t have a pair ready to go. I can typically throw on a pair of Kayanos and run a marathon, but that isn’t always the best idea when they have not been road tested on a long run or two. For the SA2LV challenge, running in a new pair wouldn’t have been smart. For CIM, I just didn’t have a pair ready. But I was in the process of breaking in a new pair and rocked an all white pair of Kayano 19’s last weekend in AZ and am stoked to be able to try the latest version, 20. Thinking the blue would be proper for LA.


5 weeks until race day and 1 unfinished goal.

I’ll be posting more about how my training is going and sharing details on who else is on the team and what we’ll be doing that weekend, but trust me, the blogger line-up is loaded and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with some amazing runners and doing this race for the first time.

Do you change your shoes based on the distance?