Digging my new watch.

Digging my new watch.

Sometimes ideas come a little too late. Yesterday, a friend Jason messaged me about possibly running 200 miles in August. Sounds ridiculous. I’m usually happy when I crack 100 and typically float somewhere between that and 150.

I decided to see if I had ever come close. I didn’t have to go back too far as I hit 203 last September and 190 in February of this year. Hmmm… I could crack 200… see how fast I can go down this rabbit hole?

It all started with having fun on the Nike+ app. FOLLOW @PavementRunner ON NIKE HERE. It tracks your miles that you sync up with your Nike watch or using the Nike app and allows you to compare against other runners. They set up a new feature called “Challenges” where you can set up start and end dates and a distance to challenge your friends. In the future I’d love to set some of these up, but we are already a couple days into August already and you can’t include past workouts on a new challenge. Weird. But we’ll work with it.

>> Click to enlarge << sized perfectly for Twitter and Instagram.

Click to enlarge — sized perfectly for Twitter & Instagram.


  • If we’re already friends on Nike+, great. Let’s see how far we can go and encourage each other. If not, I’m easy to find – @PavementRunner
  • If you aren’t on Nike, let’s share our progress on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
  • Rules are simple, get as close to or surpass 200 miles between Aug. 1-31, 2013.
  • Use #August200 on all social media platforms. Fun trash talk is highly encouraged.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just really digging the Nike+ watch and enthusiastic about how the app tracks my miles. If Nike, would like to sponsor me, I wear a medium top and really like jackets. :)

I’m also excited about THIS watch coming my way soon… in a Mens version of course.

How many miles are you aiming for in August?