I’m happy to say that I am back in action and cleared for take off. Last weekend, I felt a pain in the top of my foot and thinking the worst, asked for help across facebook and twitter. After receiving some good advice and input on what the possible injury could be, the treatment decided by Dr. Me was three days rest and a constant rotation of ice on the first 2 days and heat on the third.

I ran an easy 3.2 miles on Thursday. It felt ok. The good thing was that there was no pain, but I could tell that I was favoring the foot and putting undue stress on the rest of my body. Today, Friday, I just got back from a 5 mile run where I treated it as a normal run and just ran. Just ran for the fun of it. I needed to know if I was “back.”

Mile 1: 8:30
Mile 2: 8:39
Mile 3: 8:12
Mile 4: 8:12
Mile 5: 9.10

Traffic lights on the first and last mile, but those are solid runs and enough me to think I’m gonna be alright.

That being said, I have a trail race tomorrow:

It’s been on the calendar for a month and I was nervous if it was going to happen with the strain. Oh ya, I’m pretty sure the TOFP (top of foot pain) was simply a strain from lifting my big toe too much while running, similar to what one might do when wearing flip-flops or sandals. The race will be in the Marin headlands (where my 50 mile race will take place)and through Coastal Trail runs. It has an elevation gain of 2,740 feet. Time to get in that hill training.

… and I’m also going to do this:

I know, I just strained my foot a weekend ago, but If I feel that I’m cleared, I can resume my 50 mile training plan. And as it just so happens to be, my next two weeks scheduled as 58 miles and 56 miles. That means I won’t be running and additional miles that I wasn’t already planning on running.

See, makes total sense.

Learn more about the Strava Trail Runner 100 Mile challenge and join in on the fun. It has some fun prizes for those that participate (even if you don’t reach the 100).

Am I being crazy?