If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen some tweets from me throwing some support for a San Francisco based company called Bia — when they launched I was enthusiastic for a couple reasons.

  1. I enjoy supporting start-ups and love when people follow their passions and go for it.
  2. I’m really into greek mythology and Bia, defined as the personification of a mighty force, was a winged enforcer of Zeus, as well as the sister to Nike (Victory). (source) Pretty cool, right?

When they initially launched, I sent out a couple tweets encouraging sign-ups for their website. Several people joined and I received a tech shirt as a “thank you” for spreading the word — this wasn’t the reason I did it, but was a nice gesture by the company. Fortunately for wifey, at the time, they only had ladies shirts. Lucky her, she gets a new shirt. It fits nicely and she rocks it regularly. Seeing that the main focus for this company was women, I understood as it is common to see women as the main focus for running items and apparel. After all, there is an astounding number of active women in our community. Although, I am pretty jealous that the ladies running gear is much more fashionable. True, there is some great gear for men, but we have to search pretty hard to find something other than a solid colored running shirt and shorts with more than a stripe. I digress.



When Bia decided to enter the watch market, I was immediately intrigued. Don’t get me wrong. I love my garmin. It’s my best friend and we hang out all the time. I’ve had it for almost 5 years and despite a couple issues (battery not charged after sitting on the charger, trouble locating a between the tall buildings in downtown San Francisco) it has been great and reliable. It’s a little bulky and leaves a nice huge watch tan on my wrist, but overall, I’m happy.

Bia went the route through Kickstarter asking for pledges to get this watch up and running (pun totally intended). The story of why they went this route is here posted at BexLife.com. The deadline was yesterday and with a really strong push to the finish line, they hit their goal and the watches will available around April 2013. As you can see, the watches are targeted for women… but wait, AND MEN.

I was hesitant to throw a pledge in their direction only because I have yet to see a really strong push towards the male audience. When I saw that the watch WAS available for men to wear, complete with a long black band for our manly wrists, I was intrigued. As the number of backers at this level grew and grew, I became more excited. “There are other fellas interested in using this.” As of the writing of this post, there are (at least) 160 backers that will receive watches for men. That is a small number based on 2,100 total backers, but we do exist. Honestly, I did wait until the last day to “officially” pledge, but I was committed mentally after reading Bex’s post. Yes, let’s reinforce the perception that men wait until the last minute… but I got it done, so there.

So in April of next year when you see me flying across the Golden Gate Bridge wearing a super-duper watch with an extra long black band, don’t think I’m wearing a women’s watch because: 

Bia IS also for the dudes! 

And if you scream at me: “you are wearing a ladies’ watch!” remember that I am a runner and I have no shame in kicking you in the shin and running away from you at sub-7 pace.


What do you think? Are you a backer? If not, are you anxiously awaiting them to go on sale?