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Start the day with coffee (see the tag line). I enjoyed a blended mexican mocha.

This past three-day weekend, I celebrated my 31st birthday. Having a birthday around Memorial Day usually provides a three-day weekend to party like a rock star with an extra day to recover. But if you stay low key, like me, it usually is best for a weekend escape… which is what I did.

I spent the weekend a few hours north of Sacramento near Lake Oroville, otherwise referred to as “the boonies.”

We spent Saturday walking around downtown Oroville with baby girl, enjoyed some local coffee, shopping and the best Chinese food ever: Tong Fong Low. Seriously, delicious. I look forward to it everytime we make the trip.

The other thing I look forward to is a challenging mountainside run. There is a 4 mile out and back with the turnaround spot being a mini waterfall. 4 miles downhill, which means the trip back is uphill. Fun. I got to test out some new trail running shoes, Vasque Velocity 2.0 (review to come later) and spend some time on my own, ipod free, running down (and up) a mountain.

Other than that, relaxed, ate some cake, took a few naps and watched The Waltons. That’s right. With limited channels, what else would you expect in the boonies?

How was your Memorial Day weekend?