2014 is behind us and we are almost a week into the New Year… crazy, right? Last year we did a “best of” photo recap and I would love to do it again for 2014. And I need your help.

Above I included a photo I took at the SF Marathon during my 52.4 mile run. You can see all the people running across the bridge. It was an amazing moment when the sun came up and after 30 miles already behind me, it was great to see a view of the city.

The Best Photos of 2014

I’d like to do a post highlighting YOUR best photo of 2014. It could be after an epic run, you holding a medal after your favorite race, a selfie at the gym after doing a monster set, a picture of you and the family at the park…. whatever you’ve got, send it over. I’ll do a post next week highlighting all the photos so that we can celebrate 2014 together.

How to submit:

  1. Email me at pavementrunner@gmail.com with the subject BEST PHOTO of 2014
  2. Include a caption, followed by your blog’s URL
    For example:
    The moment I finished my first marathon… EARNED. http://pavementrunner.com/
  3. HORIZONTAL PHOTOS ONLY. If you can adjust 900-400 px wide. If not, I understand.
  4. By submitting, you are confirming that you own the rights to the photo and are allowing me to share it on this blog

Please submit BEFORE 8 p.m. (PST) on Friday, 1/9. I can’t promise to include them all, but if you get it to me before then, I’ll do my best. Post is tentatively scheduled for next week. I won’t reply to your submission initially, but will send an email to everyone that submits when it is live.

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Thanks in advance for your help in recapping 2014 with amazing moments.