Dear 4:00,

This letter has been a long time coming. I’m sure you didn’t expect to see me so soon… and at the same time, you’ve been expecting me.

I’ve written to your older sibling, 4:30 and even your cousin 1:55. I’ve decided to bypass the 4:15 letter and go straight for you, the 4-hour mark. I’m going to cut to the chase and say that I will NOT be satisfied until I have beaten you.

You have taunted me for years. I should have been through with you before I turned 30, but life happens and sometimes we can get stuck in a running comfort zone. Well, I’m here to tell you that a few months ago I put you on my list, found a marathon to attempt your demise and it happens this weekend.

On Sunday, November 4th, I’ll be at the start line of the Two Cities Marathon in Fresno with one goal:

TO KICK YOUR ASS up and down the pavement.

I apologize for the language, but I have had you on my mind for some time. I’ve got my race face on. I’ve trained long and short. I’ve thought about how I will feel and what this will mean to me.

I’ve envisioned my success and it looks glorious. I’ve dreamt the dream and am ready to make it a reality.

4:00, you have been warned. I’m coming for the better side of you.

Yours truly,

A 4:24 marathon PR holder.


Advice, tips and mantras always welcome.