I have a puppy. My puppy is going to be nine years old in May and her name is Mika. (yep, 9 years and she’ll forever be my puppy, so just go with it). Every once and awhile when she is sleeping, she makes some little puppy noises and starts kicking her feet like she is running. I can’t help but wonder: “what is she dreaming about?”

Is she chasing something?
Is she running with me?

We used to go on a lot of 3-5 mile runs. I would take her out for a quick warm-up on some of my longer runs… do 3-5 with her, then drop her off at the house and continue running on my own. We don’t go out as often as we used to, my pace has picked up a bit and hers has slowed a little. We go on lots of walks and play fetch at the park with First Lady… maybe she is dreaming about chasing a ball.

My dream about running

The other night I had a dream about running. I was at the starting line of the LA Marathon — a race I will be running for the first time next weekend — and I was wearing my Chuck Taylors (which I am wearing right now) and the guy behind me stepped on my heel. Not injuring me, but just stepping on my shoe so that your heel comes out of the back. Well, this obviously ruined any chances I had of running a strong race and my day was destroyed (bear with me, it’s a dream, not logical). I was livid. Can you imagine being at the start line of your next race, one you have a chance at setting a PR at, and some dude ruins all hopes that you had BEFORE the race even starts? I woke up feeling stressed out and uneasy, which wasn’t a pleasant way to wake up.

This was not my first dream about running and it won’t be my last. I’ve had some really good running dreams and some uneasy ones like above. I guess when you are passionate or invested in something, it’s bound to sneak into your mind movies. But I still can’t help but wonder, what is Mika dreaming about?

Do you dream about running?