StreetStrider — the eliptical that MOVES you.

StreetStrider — the eliptical that MOVES you.

When I was asked to try the StreetStrider, labeled as “The Elliptical That MOVES You!” I was intrigued. Since I’m an endurance runner and spend zero time on a bike or an elliptical, it sounded fun.

Here is a quick bio from their website:

The StreetStrider is the first ever outdoor elliptical bike. It duplicates the motion of the stationary elliptical cross trainer in a 3-wheeled mobile device. The rider achieves a full-body weight-bearing low-impact high-cardiovascular workout while moving outdoors. The StreetStrider is useful for physical fitness, weight loss, physical rehabilitation, human-powered transportation, and fun outdoor adventure.

Okay, now that you know what I was in for, please strap on your helmet and come along for the ride.

I met Devon from OutsidePR in Sausalito and she gave me the run down of what went where and what moved what. It seemed simple enough.

It moves like an elliptical… which I have used in the past.
And it’s on top of wheels like a bike… which I have been on before.

I have no idea how Devon allowed me to leave the parking lot after the few test circles I did. LOL. Going straight, I was fine. Turning was the funny hard part. I think I almost crashed into the wall or curb a couple of times, but I kept practicing and after a few minutes, we were on the streets. Oy.

StreetStrider in action!

StreetStrider in action!

Here is how little I know about bikes or gears. We were on the Summit 8r – top of the line. It had an 8 Speed Transmission and I was working in first gear which allowed me to move more freely. Devon suggested that I try a higher gear, 3 or 4. Boom. Everything clicked. Maybe my reaction time is too slow and this allowed for me to make more focused moves rather than constantly correcting over-adjustments.

Within minutes I was comfortable and moving along nicely.

We went in bike lanes, through parking lots, on trails… we were having a blast. Conversation flowed freely and we were moving along and covering ground like StreetStrider veterans.

Devon told me, “are you ready to be famous?” She was right. We were turning heads instantly. Kids were shouting out “Mom, look!” Adults were pointing us out to their friends. As we passed people, they would say “Oh, Street Strider” as they read the name as we strode went by. Phil Dunphee would have been proud, yes, this was featured on Modern Family and for a pop-culture nerd like me, that IS cool.

StreetStrider Summit 8r - Solar Yellow

StreetStrider Summit 8r – Solar Yellow

I found myself using my legs more than my arms — typical runner mindset. But I found using a combo of both allowed me to move more freely. Makes sense, use your whole body rather than limiting the power to your legs.

We even did a 0-60 test. We stopped, said “GO” and tried to see who could go the fastest before the end of the parking lot. Yes, this is the same guy that 25 minutes earlier was crashing into curbs and walking his strider to make a turn. Learning curve, over.

By the end of the ride we had covered almost 8 miles in a little over an hour and although I could feel the burn in my legs and arms, we kept it at a comfortable pace. We climbed a tiny hill on the way back and I could see how if you cranked this thing into a tougher gear and got the arms/legs moving that it would be one heck of a total body workout. “…an exhilarating low impact workout that tones, shapes and sculpts your entire body while burning up to 1,000 calories an hour.”

Almost 8 miles along the coast on the StreetStrider.

Almost 8 miles along the coast on the StreetStrider.

The other benefit is using this for cross training or as a recovery tool. I was able to get a solid lower body workout with zero impact on my feet and include the upper body along with it. Post ride, my legs felt fatigued, but equivalent to a 4-5 mile run at a comfortable pace. I was also able to run 7 miles the following day with ease.

Quick Pros:

  • Fun! I can easily see how this could be addicting.
  • It’s a total body workout with the ability to focus on specified areas. Upper vs. lower vs. combo
  • Works your core. In order to turn, you have to shift your weight from side-to-side. Hello obliques.
  • Durable. It’s made of Aircraft Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum and the wheels are large enough to tackle curbs (trust me).
  • You can use it indoors! With a Trainer Stand it can be turned into an indoor elliptical machine. Bonus!

Quick Cons:

  • Learning curve. For me, it took a bit of practice and although I was comfortable pretty quickly, it would definitely take some time and practice to take this on an off-road adventure or hilly/curved course.
  • Be prepared to have people ask you questions in public, or at least make comments to you. Not necessarily a con, but if you are at a stop light next to people, it’s definitely a conversation starter.
  • Size. These things are pretty big. Traveling with one would be a task and it would take up space in any garage. But it does fold down flat and if you have a car rack, could be pretty fun to take on vacation.


Oh ya, and of course I had to get the opinion of the First Lady — she clearly approves.

Note: these do come in various sizes including a version for kids from 5-10… sorry baby girl. Maybe in a few years.

I was provided the opportunity to review StreetStrider from OutsidePR. I was not compensated and the opinions are 100% my own. The opinion of the First Lady was “assumed” by her father and based on her smiles and constant gestures to play on it.

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