Photo from RnR Seattle.. all my fiends have SO many medals… I only have one. #sadface

Can you believe that the first half of 2014 is behind us? Crazy, right? At the beginning of the year, I’m sure that we all set up goals of what we wanted to accomplish and hopes and dreams, and dragons… so let’s see how I did for the first half.

5 marathons (Arizona, LA, Oakland, San Diego, Seattle)
1 half marathon (San Francisco)
1 12k (Bay to Breakers)

Total: 677.5
High Month: June: 136.65

As you can see, I raced a lot of marathons. After my PR in December, I was pursuing sub 3:30 pretty hard. I crashed and burned on most of my races by going out to fast and as I kept missing my mark, I started adding more pressure on myself and just kept falling apart. It was a shot to my confidence and created some minor aches and pains I’ve been dealing with. After San Diego, I decided to focus on building strength and working on my consistency¬† in prep for my 52.4 at the end of July.
I had to rebuild some confidence in my running game and get back to basics.

8 days, over 70 miles

The last 8 days have been a whirlwind. It started with RnRSea and ended with a 18 mile run last Saturday. The week looked like this:

Saturday: 26.2 mi.
Sunday-Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 8.5 mi.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 17 mi.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 18.5

It was the highest mileage for me in that short of a time frame (I think.) The idea was to get in the miles and stay consistent in my pace. It is definitely giving me confidence heading into the second half of 2014. I’ve got some major goals lined up, which I’ll share in a future post, but I’m excited for the rest of the year.

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What are your plans for the second half of 2014?