It’s the end of March, which means we are through the first quarter of 2014… crazy, right? Since I have some pretty big plans for the year, some of which I have not shared, let’s take a look back at the first quarter of the year:

The stats:

  • 3 marathons
    • 3:48 at RnR Arizona (recap) on Jan. 19
    • 3:59 at ASICS LA Marathon (recap) on Mar. 9
    • 4:16 at Oakalnd Running Festival (recap) on Mar. 23
  • 1 DNS, or Did Not Start (read about it here)
  • Over 350 miles

As you can see, my times got progressively worse, but the courses were also progressively more challenging. I would love to have bounced right off of my 3:37 PR in December and nailed my sub 3:30 soon after, or even have snagged a PR around 3:33. That would give me something to hang my hat on, so to speak. But I struggled as the year began and pushed it a little too hard trying to achieve something that my body wasn’t ready for. That led to my DNS this past weekend at the Livermore Half Marathon and my deciding to ease into the month of April.

My miles were pretty good. I cracked 100 each month, which is always great. With a race in January and 2 in March there were taper weeks built into it along with me taking most of the last two weeks off. I would love to get my monthly miles closer to 150/month, but it will definitely be about quality mixed in with quantity.

What the stats DON’T show:

All the amazing experiences. Seriously. I have been spoiled in the opportunities that have happened this year. In January, I got to be a part of an amazing tweet up in Arizona and hang out with the one and only Run EMZ on stage, then run with her a marathon with her the following day. I also got to be reunited with a lot of the #SA2LV crew and finally meet Heidi of


The trio!

>>Click to enlarge<< Side view of that selfie. Pretty cool, huh?

>>Click to enlarge<< Side view of that selfie. Pretty cool, huh?

SA2LV reunion photo with Andrea Barber, RunEMZ and Heidi. Photo credit: Paul Nestor

SA2LV reunion photo with Andrea Barber, RunEMZ and Heidi. Photo credit: Paul Nestor


If that wasn’t enough to make my year, I then got to be a part of the ASICS blogger challenge team at the LA Marathon. It was a weekend that makes me think “how did this whole running-blogging-social-media thing happen?” and “how crazy is it that THIS is my race weekend?” From meeting all the bloggers that I read and look up to and then meet and kick it with elite runners that I root for and cheer on… I know we are all just people, but c’mon, theses are THE American superstar endurance athletes.




The stats also don’t show that I’m feeling like a missed opportunity came and went… twice. This IS NOT A PITY party and I’m not looking for pats on the back. This is me just being real on my blog and letting you know how I feel. I missed sub 3:30 twice, and it’s eating at me. I flat-out just missed it at AZ. THAT was where it needed to happen and if it had, I think it would have spring-boarded me into an intense February and March with all the confidence. It was a flat course and I had the perfect pacer to get me there, my brain and/or legs just weren’t into that day. It then put more pressure on me to achieve that goal on a harder course and hotter day in LA. I can’t control the weather, but it was a doable time on a reasonable course. My goal in Oakland was to run a smart race, but I went out too fast straight up a hill and combined with tired legs, it burned me and sidelined me with a wonky knee.

If it wasn’t for the amazing experiences and meeting so many incredible people, I’d be having a pretty lousy start to the year. This of course, is in no way compared to many others who are dealing with real issues. I know that these are #runnerproblems and I should be happy for the opportunities I have been given… and yes, I am truly grateful and thankful. My little issues on not running fast enough fail in comparison to the challenges that many other face on a daily basis. #fact

Looking forward:

With the first quarter behind me, I have a race coming up on April 6th. It’s the San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. I’ll be doing it for fun, running with friend and taking a lot of pictures. I will be testing out my knee this week on short runs to make sure its ready to go on Sunday. More to come on what is going down race weekend.

After that, my next scheduled race will be the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco on May 18 — $5 off code: PAVEMENTRUNNER5. It will be my FIRST time running the race, so more to come on that as well. In June, I’ll be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Full Marathon and have yet to decide what my plans will be for that race. I ran it last year and it isn’t necessarily a “fast” course, but from what I remember, has some fast segments in it.

Either way, I’ll definitely be taking April and May to work on my basics. I’ll be taking a look at my form, working on areas to improve and introducing more cross training and strength building. I think that part of my not being able to finish these races “strong” has been not being able to rely on things other than my legs.

Cheers to an amazing first quarter and to an even stronger second.

Guest Post:
I was also featured on Running: Is it your 2nd Job? last week. Shout out to @IrishEyes1982

How has 2014 treated you so far?