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Let the games begin… and may the odds be ever in your favor. The challenges are set, teams have been formed and sides have been chosen — it’s an East Coast vs. West Coast battle for who is the “Most Active.” Shape and Men’s Fitness Magazine has put out a challenge amongst several bloggers to represent their coast featuring the Fitbit Charge.

The Rules

Each week a group of bloggers on the East Coast and the West Coast will receive a challenge they must complete. Any other activity throughout the week is gravy. All activities will be logged using the Fitbit Charge and at the end of four weeks, which ever team/coast has covered the most distance and logged the most steps will win a million dollars… ok, not a million dollars, but they will be declared the MOST ACTIVE COAST, which is way better.


The Stats

Who’s currently in the lead? SEE THE SCOREBOARD HERE!

Check back each week to see how the two teams are doing. Will one of us start out fast then fall off? Will one coast fall victim to weather conditions? I know it’s pretty sunny here in California, just saying. This should be lots of fun.


The Device

We’ll be logging our activities with the Fitbit Charge and will be able to keep track with a nifty dashboard that Fitbit provides for all of it’s users. The Charge can track steps, distance, sleep patterns, caloric burn, active mins. and it also allows you to input things like calorie intake, water consumption and can help you manage your food plan or various goals.

Here is what my last Sunday looked like when I ran two half marathons in one day, #disney2LV. Can you see when I was running?



Week 1 Challenge:

Take your workout outdoors this week and go on a hike or trail run. Soak in the views as you inch closer to the 10K/day goal!

The hashtag being used for the challenges is #MotivationalMondays — since I was still in Las Vegas from my running weekend, I decided to take my “hike” along the strip and soak in the views of the grand casino entrances. I also DOUBLED the goal to a nice 20K day. And this was day after #Disney2LV — check it out.



Who will win?

Be sure to check out the scoreboard to see who is in the lead and ENTER TO WIN a Fitbit Charge of your own — they are giving away four, good luck.

Over the next four weeks, I’ll be sharing the challenges and posting updates on who is currently in the lead. I’m definitely doing my best to make sure the West Coast is properly represented… there will be a lot of trash talking, I mean motivational tweets going out to make sure everyone is on top of their game. Join in on the fun with the hashtags below and track how each coast is doing:

View the Scoreboard


In the comments, place your bets:

East Coast or West Coast?


This post is sponsored by the Shape/Men’s Fitness Fitbit Charge Challenge.