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If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I run around a lot. It’s pretty much 95% percent of what I do in terms of training. For the past few years it has taken me to many different cities and across many different distances. If you are “extremely” familiar with this blog then you also know that I have recently hit a plateau in my running and have failed at trying to get faster in the marathon. I’ve made a go at trying to hit sub 3:30 a few times, and realistically, only had a chance at a couple of them. The others were long shots that I was trying to convince myself that I could will myself to accomplish.

Putting in the work

Recently, I have started working on what I call “building a stronger runner.” I’ve started doing things other than running in an attempt to make sure that my body is working more efficiently from head to toe. I also hired a strength coach (who is also a runner) to help me with my gait, strength, and mobility. On top of that, I’m working with a running coach to help me train for my next marathon and approach my training calendar from a smarter perspective (more on working with both coaches in a future post).

Yep, I’ve turned to the pros. A decision that I didn’t come to lightly, but knew it was time.


#RealChampions by Champion®

Most of my closet is made up of running clothes branded with races, sponsors, and distances — perfect for the road or trail, but I was looking for something different for working out in the gym.  Fortunately, I was recently asked to try some new items from the Spring 2015 line from Champion.




Working out in the gym is a different for me. I’m so used to covering distances outside that working out for 45 minutes in a gym means that I could have ran 8-9 miles. It’s been a matter of trying to re-wire my thinking that 45 minutes in the gym will help me run that 8-9 miles next time, as a much stronger and more efficient runner.

Wearing the Champion Vapor® Heather Men’s T Shirt and the Champion® PowerTrain Men’s Print Knit Shorts





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How are you training like a #RealChampion?