You know I’m all about taking on running challenges and this one helps support a great cause, and pays tribute to a tragic day. Run Local Events recently launched, a new site where a running community is soon to prosper. It’s a place where virtual runs will be organized (some for charity, some sponsored, some for the sake of having fun).


The Freedom 5K

First up is The Freedom 5K which you can run/walk at any time during the month of September. Pretty straight forward and you get a really nice medal.


Run Nine/Eleven

Next up is the 2-day challenge, Run Nine/Eleven. Run 9 miles one day, and 11 miles the next. Ideally, these would be done on back-to-back days, but the goal is to finish the miles and I don’t think anyone would knock you for spreading it out… I know I wont.



Custom Finisher’s Medal

How to Participate

Registration for either event is $30. Both events can be done at anytime during the month of September. You can run alone, you can run with friends, you can even bring your dog. Every participant gets the medal shown above.

SAVE $5 with code PAVEY5

If you are looking to save a couple bucks, use the code above. There is also an option to save $5 and then make that same $5 donation (or more) directly to Operation: Care and Comfort.



100% of the Proceeds

That’s right. The proceeds benefit Operation: Care and Comfort, nationally recognized programs support troops, veterans and their families while serving in conflict regions, while serving on humanitarian missions, and when they return home.


Stay Connected

There will be a lot of great events coming up, maybe event a Pavement Runner or #WeRunSocial event… hint, hint. Make sure you follow along:

Twitter: @RunLocalEvents
Instagram: @RunLocalEvents
Facebook: /RunLocalEvents
Hashtag: #RunLocalEvents

Have you ever done a virtual run for charity?