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Many of you may already know, but I frequently get my midweek runs in during my lunch hour. It’s a run during lunch, hence the name: RUNch.

This has often led to many questions from friends, co-workers and on social media. It’s usually some rendition of “How do you clean up afterwards?”

It’s a good question, after all, I do run for most of the hour and still have 4-5 hours remaining of the work day. Sitting there in stinky running clothes is not an option… or at least one that my co-workers would approve of.

Here are a few things that are already in my favor:

1. I have a shaved head (clippers, not razor) so shampoo or styling is never a concern.
2. I don’t wear any foundation, make-up, guy-liner and there is no plucking or curling.
3. I’m a guy, so being a tad stinky is an assumption. Am I right ladies?

That last one was a joke.



When I was asked to review a product called THE ATHLETIC BODY WIPE from ShowerPill, I was on board. Let’s back up for a second and let you know how I currently make sure I stay fresh for the remained of the work day.

  1. I bring a new set of socks and “undergarments” with me for post-run. This is a must. Don’t be nasty.
  2. I wash my face, hands and neck with soap and water. This can be found in most bathrooms. You can also bring a travel-sized bar of soap with you from home. Either will do. Repeat as necessary.
  3. I use baby wipes to clean my upper torso. (Shhhh. Don’t tell The First Lady.)
  4. I’ll sometimes use the wipes to clean my legs, but those tend to stay fairly clean and my legs don’t sweat enough for it to be an issue. A small hand towel can also be used to wipe down if you still “feel dirty.”
  5. Apply deodorant. Stay away from cologne. Foot powder is optional if you have sweaty feet.

And that’s it. I really don’t sweat “too” much and running cold water on your hands and wrists for a couple of minutes will cool your body temperature pretty quickly to stop any perspiration from continuing.

Where ShowerPill’s Athletic Body Wipe comes into play is in step three. Baby wipes have worked so far, but you have to go through a few because of their size and thinness.

Here are the benefits listed of using The Athletic Body Wipe:

  • Kills 99.9% of all germs
  • Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
  • No Parabens (class of chemicals widely used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.)
  • Is Alcohol Free
  • Dries quickly with no sticky reside

All good things, right? I’d also like to add these based on my experiences in using the product:

Size. It’s 9 in. x 8 in. which is pretty large for a wipe. There is enough surface area on the wipe to use on most of your body without having to go through more than one.

Packaging. This thing is super slim and convenient. The package is roughly 3.75 in. x 6 in. and is thin. It also has no hard sides, so it can easily be slipped into your gym bag or purse.

Thickness. This was the most surprising. It may be called a wipe, but it’s almost like a thin towel. Imagine a stack of 3-4 napkins with some weight. It gives you the confidence to wipe away free from fear of it tearing or shredding.

Appearance. When you first see it, you can see tiny little water and “soap” bubbles on the wipe. Allows you to know that there is a different active ingredient other than water.

The one thing is with the thickness and moisture of the wipe, “dries quickly” should be kept in perspective. It definitely dries faster than if you were to douse yourself in a bucket of water, but it is NOT as quick as say, hand sanitizer. It will take a minute or so for it to air dry, which is quick, like it says, but don’t expect it to be instant.

I’d definitely recommend this for those that workout and do not have the option of taking a shower immediately afterward.

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Do you ever workout without the benefit of a shower right away?

What do you do to remain “FRESH & CLEAN”