Remember when I punched a dinosaur?

Remember when I punched a dinosaur?

It has been a pretty exciting week. I gave away FIVE entries to the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon (along with sharing a promo code for $10 off), launched a digital magazine and went to bed before 11 p.m. one night. That’s the trifecta of amazing if you ask me. Thankfully, there have been equally exciting events going on around the interwebs. Let’s take a look:

Happy Fit Mama strikes a pose, then shares some of her fav. running books.
– I’m currently reading one of these. Don’t worry, no spoilers.

Bex Life shows us how to do a handstands and headstands
can i do this AND run at the same time? Where’s that video?

Miss Zippy 1 takes a look at whether mega-distance events are losing their impact.
– I know EXACTLY what the zipster is talking about and may be guilty of (loving) it.

NYC Running Mama is running a FRIGGIN Ironman on Sunday, find out how to track her.
– my goal is to tweet out some updates throughout the day. We need to create a custom hashtag…

Mom’s Little Running Buddy Buddies ran #RnRChi last weekend, here’s her recap.
– and wow. What happened at mile 10 is simply amazing. (oh ya, $10 off #RnRSTL with “momslrb”)

Lean Green Bean keeps it interesting with a fruit pizza.
– can’t make this stuff up. LOL. Lindsay is the coolest Green Bean on the internet.

All right, that’s some exciting posts that I wanted to share. If you want to click on some more links, don’t forget about these:

$10 off Rock n Roll San Jose, Los Angeles, or San Francisco with code: PAVEMENTRUNNER10

$10 off US Half, course includes out and back across the Golden Gate Bridge with code: PAVEMENTRUNNER

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Have a great week!