Just another photo of the city. :)

Just another photo of the city. :)

This week has been a busy one and I simply wanted to share some recent blog posts that I’ve enjoyed. Each are different, but all are worth a read. Enjoy.

Because I love a good #RUNch

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I do a lot of my runs during the week on my lunch hour. Of course, since today is a rest day for me, it seems fitting that today is “Run @ Work Day. Luckily, Kat has it covered for us. Also, shout out to Brooks for their marketing team in promoting today.

Sneakers and Finger Paints: It’s Run@WorkDay

Because race week is all about hope and dreams

There really is something special about race week. You are well into your taper and letting your body fully recover from your training plan. You want to race. You want to so bad that you wish it the race was today. Your plan sounds solid. Everything is in place. Glory is awaiting you at the finish line… that’s the feeling over at the Cotter household this week. Luckily, they’ve got healthy bites to hold them over. Good luck Mr. Cotter!

Cotter Crunch: Race Week

Because we don’t sit and blog or tweet all day

It’s true. And to prove it, Angela (and many others, see links at bottom of the post) is sharing a “day in the life” post. I’m planning on doing the same in the near future, although she has boy/girl twins, so she has DOUBLE the fun and excitement. Thanks for the peek into your world. Oh, and if you have a superman shirt, clearly, that was the theme, so run and go put it on before you read.

Happy Fit Mama: Day in the Life

Because who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes

Laura is showing off some fresh new kicks, but in a smaller size. Check out the tiny Saucony kid’s shoes, complete with bright “find your strong” colors. Of course, if you get one pair of tiny shoes, you need a pair for yourself, right? That’s my philosophy. Also, a review on a BOB Ironman stroller. It’s like a running parent’s review dream. Enjoy! Oh hey, Laura, if I can fit in the stroller, will you push me around?

Mommy Run Fast: Saucony and BOB Ironman Review

Because I love me some FU

Kiersten takes the best photos that simply just make you smile. On today’s post she is sharing some ways that she is “slowing things down” and linking up with a bunch of friends for #RecipeFriday. Oh ya, and rock star status on the 5k time… much easier without the banana suit.

CandyFit: #RecipeFriday

Because every post should include photos of Hawaii

Christine has been sharing some wonderful memories and photos from her recent trip to Hawaii. It’s been a journey for her to get back on the surf board and I’m always happy to see someone fall back in love with something that is clearly a part of them. If you have been struggling with something in your life recently, this is a great post full of mantras and philosophy that might help you to keep moving forward.

Love Life Surf: Sunrise Surf, Yoga Sutras and Mantras

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