Most days I’ll write about training for a marathon, or where I ran over the weekend, but instead I’m going to post something purely for the fun of it.

I’m active on Twitter and many of us had fun with #MadeUpRunningFacts last week. I got a couple requests to do something other than running, specifically weight lifting, but since I’m not too familiar with that, I decided to do “fitness” as a whole… that way everyone can join in on the fun.

I present you Replace (a) Movie Title With Fitness — I left the “a” out because every character counts. Here are some I came up with, feel free to share your own on twitter, just use the hash #ReplaceMovieTitleWithFitness so we can all see.


and they don’t have to be comedy or musicals…

how about action movies?



or it can even be a romantic movie…



but we all love a good scary movie…



I’m not that clever or funny, so I know that you can come up with better ones.

Jump over to twitter (you can follow me: @PavementRunner) and join in on the fun.


Which was your favorite from the ones above?