Boston is just around the corner and the excitement is building. Social media has been a flutter recently with updates about packing, what runners are wearing, taper madness, and all the crazy that goes into THE major event of marathon running.

I’ll be there all weekend courtesy of CLIF Bar and participating in the Boston 5K on Saturday.
Read how THAT happened here.  I have not packed yet, but I know I’ll be rocking the PRO socks above… I just need to find the right color shoes and shirt to match it, priorities.

Apart from a couple of shirts that I know will make the trip, I haven’t even thought about what to pack. This will be my FIRST time in Boston. Remember that I’m a Bay Area kinda dude who rocks shorts year around and if it gets “cold,” I might put on a hoodie and some jeans.

Thankfully, CLIF has supplied me with some snacks, so I should be good on that front.




The Itinerary

Forget about my procrastination in packing and let’s get down to the good stuff: what the heck I will be doing while in Boston. Below is a brief rundown of what the weekend will look like heading into Patriots’ Day.


  • B.A.A. 5K
  • Welcome Luncheon at CLIF Base Camp
  • Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park



  • Boston Marathon — I’ll be spectating/cheering and live tweeting: #CLIFRunsBoston
  • Post-race celebration

In between all of that is MORE exciting things and surprises, but that is the general outline. I’m also looking forward to doing a lot of walking around and seeing Boston. Since I’m not running on Monday, and the 5K happens early in the trip, I don’t have to worry about saving the legs. It’ll be interesting to see how many steps I log on the Fitbit Surge.

As far as accommodations, I know that I’ll be sharing space with some amazing runners, athletes, and media at the CLIF Bar Base Camp. I’m just going to embrace the experience and try to enjoy every second of it. A house full of runners and social personalities… this is going to be fun. Can you imagine all the running-stories we’ll be talking about?!?!


A look back at 2013

Being in Boston for Marathon Monday will also be a major moment for me, but in a different way. Here is a look back at what WE did together following the events of the 2013 marathon: A single post results in change. It also contains a link to download the digital photo collection from the tribute runs that took place.

See you in Boston

I know that the weekend is going to be all over the place, but if you are going to be around and it looks like we’ll be at the same place at the same time, let me know.


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Boston: any advice, tips, things I need to know?