The Dumbo Double Dare: run a 10k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.

Sounds fun!

The race takes place over Labor Day weekend and the course includes routes through Disneyland and California Adventure Park.

I ran the Disneyland half marathon in 2007 and it has been my only Disney race. I’ve wanted to do the Goofy Challenge (half marathon Saturday, marathon on Sunday) for YEARS. I always talk about it and it never really seems to work out. That event takes place at Disneyworld and Florida is kinda far away from California. But then the Dumbo Double Dare was announced a few months ago — but this one is in Disneyland. That is much closer.


You get a race shirt and medal for the 10k.
You get a race shirt and medal for the Half.
AND you get a Dumbo Double Dare shirt and medal.

It’s expensive, I know.

It’s really expensive. I know. I heard you the first time.

It’s a much shorter distance that the Goofy, I know that, too!

But this can be a test of speed, not endurance. This can be a test of how fast you can FLY. Get it, Dumbo… fly… ears. Nevermind.

Registration opened on Tuesday (1/22) at 9 a.m. PST and sold out within the hour. Luckily, I registered at 9:30 and secured my spot. A select few were given the option to register early at other Run Disney events or through a Visa promotion. This was a hot ticket, especially since it is the inaugural event for the 10k and Dumbo Double. It’s a 19.3 mile adventure!

I already know a few people doing it…

Did you get in?

Would you ever consider the Dumbo Double Dare?