Yesterday was The First Lady’s birthday… her very first birthday. I can’t believe how fast her first year went. I know it gets said a lot, but it really does go by fast. It seems like we were just at the hospital getting ready to take her home for the first time. Scared. Nervous. In shock that they just let you take a baby home without knowing if you are going to be a good parent. Shouldn’t there be a test or something? All we had to do was have a car seat and we were good to go. So weird.

It really has been a journey. There were so many “firsts” that it is impossible to cover them all. It has been an amazing year. Not too many photos today, but there are plenty more here that catalog a lot of the early months.

Above is The First Lady’s first experience with bubbles. We must have played with those bubbles for 30 minutes. She never got tired of seeing them and we never got tired of her smiles and laughter.

It really is the simple things.

And of course…. cake photos.



Happy Birthday baby girl.