She has the “runner stares off into the distance” look down!

I posted earlier on Twitter and Facebook that I was going to have a big announcement today. Most guesses were that there was going to be an addition to the household. Sorry. The First Lady still runs this house. And for that, you get the Firsy Lady stare!
Most of the other guesses involved me running many, many miles. You all know me too well. Some were that I would run another 50 and others were that I was kicking it up a notch to a 100 miler. Well, you were both kind of right.
I signed up for another 50 mile race!

I know my first 50 mile event was last weekend, but I waited a week to sign up… that’s long enough, right? I’m running the Lake Sonoma 50 in April 2013. It sold out in under 8 hours and I had to pull the trigger. I had my mind made up that I was going to give it a go again in 2013 and this race was suggested by Russian Bear — who I had the chance to officially meet at the NFEC.


Here is the kicker:

I’m doing this as an attempt to qualify for Western States 100.

In selecting the Lake Sonoma 50 as a qualifier, you might be thinking:
The course is hard. I know that.
I have to cross rivers. Did you see the NFEC photos? Me and water are friends.
It has 10,500″ climb and decent. Are these ever flat?
One of the ways to qualify for WS100 is to run 50 miles in under 11 hours. That means I’ll have to shave some pretty good time off in four months of training. I ran 47 miles in 12:05 — but the good thing is, I’m already trained for the distance. There will essentially be very little time off between the NFEC and the beginning of my training for this. I took it easy last week (20 total miles) and will also take it easy this week (30-40) then build from there. I should roll right into 2013 with some great momentum.
And here is a taste of the Lake Sonoma 50
from 2012 2nd place finisher (6:36:52) Timothy Allen Olsen — photo by Glenn Tachiyama.


There you have it. I’ll announce my 2013 race schedule next week.

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