With my first race of 2009 a week away, I’m taking an honest look at my time goal for this event. A couple years ago, I set my PR in the Half Marathon at 1:59. I’m in no way a speed demon, but was pleased with the (just barely) sub 2-hour mark. So shall I set myself up with high hopes, knowing that it may lead to a big disappointment?

OK, so I’m being a little dramatic with the big disappointment remark. Since the PR, I have run several half marathons with no real time goal and although I finished and ran strong races, the time was not my focal point. However, next Sunday’s race will be the same course that I previously PR’d in and would love to do it again. In taking an honest look at what can be expected, (in Pushing Daisies style) the facts are these:
  1. I can run 10 min miles for days… it is my comfort stride.
  2. Most runs I can squeeze in some solid 9 min miles half the time.
  3. When I’m feeling it, I can get in three or four 8 min miles.
  4. I know this course like the back of my hand.
  5. I want to run a 1:45 or better in 2009.
So, the question is: What should be my goal time?
Since it is my blog, I suppose I have to answer my own question… I’ll most likely shoot to slightly better my PR, even if it is only by a couple minutes. If I average 9 min miles, it will put me at 1:57 which will result in a smile on my face. But being the runner that I am, in the back of my mind I’ll know that I can do better than that. So I’ll run my brains out, leave everything on the course and if I fall short and it leads to even a little bit of a disappointment… it will make me train that much harder. After all 2009 is just beginning.