That road has been hit!

Event: Hit the Road Jack 10k
Distance: 10k (or 6.2 mi.)
Garmin Time: 50:45
Avg. Pace: 8:06
Fastest Mile: 7:31 (mile 6)

It started off as a beautiful morning. I met up with a couple friends; one was running, the other not and we shot the poo before the race. When the race started, I wished my fellow running buddy good luck and he sped off (finishing at his goal of 45:10). The race started in historic downtown Sonoma Plaza and was a loop through neighborhoods and backyard vineyards. It was a beautiful course and tons of trees provided the much needed shade.

Earlier on Saturday, I took an OVER/UNDER 52 mins. on facebook and the resounding response was go for 49 or 50. There was a moment around 47 mins. where I thought to myself “If I sprint the rest of this, I could hit 49.” Unfortunately I didn’t have enough gas in the tank. I was already running on pure adrenalin fumes to this point and was in position for the low 50s (which I was more than happy with – consistent 8 min miles is still pretty fast for me at this point in my training). But I picked up my pace and made a go for it running my fastest mile of the race on the final mile. I used every ounce of energy I had on the last mile and left it all out on the course.

After the race we received our 10k T-shirts, some fresh fruit and since it is wine country, cheese. At the plaza they were preparing for the annual Ox Roast and sauce contest — sadly, I didn’t get a chance to try the Ox (or sauces) because soon after the race we all enjoyed brunch at a local hotel. We sat outside and I ordered the burger and had a celebratory beer. The food, atmosphere and company was a great end to a fantastic morning.

I was more than happy with my time and my speed playlist worked out fabulous. I’m glad I decided to Hit the Road Jack and participate. It was a great judge of how my speed training has been paying off and it is always nice to see the rewards of hard work.