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What is one of your favorite “special moments?” Do you remember what car you were driving at that time? If it was a Honda, your story could be included in a short film. Northern California Honda wants to hear about one of your special moments and how a Honda vehicle played a special role.

It’s easy — simply share your Honda story here and your story could be re-imagined as a short film in Honda’s #NorCalGetsIt campaign.




In my life, there have been three cars that surround my “special moments:”

  • My first car, the one I drove in high school (really my mom’s). But the one that I drove to and from school, to practice, to the mall, to my first job, to anything and everything that were my years from 14-18.
  • The first car I owned — after college. I knew what I wanted, I went to the dealer and asked for a specific color and told him to call me when he had it. I made a down payment, got it financed, and made monthly payments until it was paid off.
  • The “family car” — the one wifey and I purchased with pets and babies involved. It was a sensible purchase, we knew we wanted something that would hold our dog, a (future) car seat, and all the bicycles, toys, equipment, and everything else.

What to share?

Your story can be anything. It could be going to college, road trips, handing down the car through generations, special modifications you made — if you were like me, you put speakers in your mom’s car. Make it personal, make it funny, make it romantic, make it yours.

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What was your first car?