It’s official… I have shot my first VLOG (a vlog is just what you think it is, a video form of a blog, or video blog — clever name huh?). I really enjoy several other runners that do video blogs (shout out to BananaBuzzBomb, STUFT Mama, and BexLife) and decided to join in on the fun, but with a slight twist. Yes, I like to do what other people do, but I tend to mix it up a bit, for better or worse. Here is what you will see when I do my VLOGS.

All of my VLOGs will be done on the run, literally.

Sorry, you won’t get to see the blank wall behind me. My plan is to shoot these with my iPhone while I am running, sort of. Typically they will occur before or after, but on occasion you may find one in the middle of a run. I decided to do a BEFORE and an AFTER video for this past weekend’s Horseshoe Lake 50k put on by Coastal Trail Runs. There is a full recap coming this week, but for now you get to enjoy how energetic I am before the race and then how I look six hours later. (Sorry that the after video is poor in quality — I’m learning).


The Before — Horseshoe Lake 50k



The After — Horseshoe Lake 50k


And there you have it. My first of what will be many videos of me on the run. A full recap of the race is coming this week with plenty of photos. Thanks again.

Soooo, what did you think of my first VLOG?