How’d I do for the first half of 2012?

How’d I do for the first half of 2012?

The first half of 2012 is behind us… are you half way to your goal?

Let’s see how the first half of 2012 has treated me:


  • Total Miles: 581.4
  • Goal for 2012: 1212 miles, based on a Facebook challenge
  • Interesting note: If I run the exact same amount in the second half, plus my 50 miler in December? = 1212.4 — is that creepy or what?


  • March: Oakland Running Festival, Marathon — 4:24:14 (PR) — recap here.
  • April: US Half — 1:50:38 (PR)  — recap here.
  • May: Horseshoe Lake 50k — DNF, 26.2 completed. — recap here.


  • I’ve ran over 100 miles 3 of the 6 months, with a 4th at 90+.
  • I hit my highest mile total ever in June with 118. 
  • Started (and will finish) the Runner’s World Running Streak Challenge. Run (at least) 1 mile every day between Memorial Day and 4th of July, 38 consecutive days.

Positives so far:

  • Obviously the races were a success, except for my very first DNF, but it had to happen someday, right? 2 out of 3 were PRs, I’ll take it.
  • Training is going well. I started off slow in Jan. and Feb., but hit my stride the past 4 months. So far, I’ve ran more miles than all of 2011.

Areas that need to be improved upon for the second half:

  • Increase long distance runs. With a 50 miler in December, the second half of the year will be intense with back-to-back long runs and increased milage.
  • Integrate more cross training and yoga. Started to incorporate more during June, but will need to make a more conscious effort to work the entire body
  • More trail runs. Yes, the name is Pavement Runner, but I’ll need to get used to the ups and downs and movements required to run 50 miles on trails. Are you sensing a theme for the second half of the year?
  • Find a cross training and low milage shoe. I run in high stability shoes and those can be expensive. For my shorter runs and speedwork, I need to find a shoe that is lighter and hopefully closer to a more neutral shoe or  “minimalist approach” to help strengthen my feet and legs.
  • Find a pair of sunglasses that don’t fog up. I have a pair that I use regularly (that I won’t mention by name) that are always fogging up. What’s up with that? This is a 3-year problem that needs immediate fixing now that I’m wearing them more and spending more time running during the day.
  • Eat clean. Okay, I get it. I need to improve my diet. Maybe diet is the wrong word. Nutritional intake? See, I need help. I have a plan for the month of August, stay tuned.

There you have it. A look at how the first half of the year has treated me. 

Don’t forget to take a moment and predict my 5k finish time. Winner gets a prize — Price Is Right rules, of course.

How has 2012 been for you? Any suggestions or tips to help integrate my areas of improvement?


  1. I really like posts like this where we take a look at where we’re at and where we can be. Reflecting on our current fitness/health/wellness status helps us only to improve our goals. Wishing you the best, and good luck “eating clean”… ;)

  2. I’d say you are right on track! More yoga is on the list. DO IT! I will remind you! hehe.

  3. save me, i went to spam!

    • You have been saved… so weird it sent you there… you are like my bestie and stuff.

  4. I’ve seen a few “mid-year review” posts and I find them so inspiring! Its a great way to stay in tune with your goals. Your mileage is is impressive, great job! As for the sunglasses, I’ve had two pairs of Ryders Eyewear sunglass that I L.O.V.E.! They are lightweight, sit off the face so they don’t fog up and are all under $100, so buying more than one pair is in the budget. One pair I have has interchangeable lenses (clear and orange), I wore the orange one for a race in the snow once and it kept the flakes out of my eyes!

  5. Ho.Ly.Crap! You’re awesome! That is some crazy good mileage and great job on your races so far too! I’ve been looking back on my 2012 goals lately too and there are some that I’ve done really well with, and others that I need to light the fire under my butt and get moving on! I hear ya on the yoga… it always sounds like a great idea in my head, but then when it comes time for a workout, I always feel like I’m getting a better bang for my buck if I run or do some other form of cardio that gets me sweaty. Gah one day I will learn (and that day will be soon I hope!!) About the nutrition thing, feel free to bounce ideas off of me if you want some suggestions. I’m not a nutritionist but I’ve been helping some friends and health coaching clients with that sort of thing lately so I might be able to give you a bit of help. Happy Tuesday!!

  6. WOW THOSE ARE SOME SERIOUS MILES! And amazing PRs so far! You should be so proud of all your training and hard work. I LOVE THE PIC for this post! too cute!

  7. great job with the first half! I started off the year with a stress fracture so my mileage is nowhere near where I want it to be for getting into july .

  8. Holy cow – running more miles in 6 months than the whole of 2011? Awesome. You are doing a great job with your goals. I also need to work on my nutritional intake or lack thereof. As for sunglasses, I kind of am in love with my Oakleys. They stay put, don’t slide down my nose and don’t fog up. Can’t wait to see what the 2nd half of 2012 has in store! Can you run a few extra miles for me?

  9. Way to rock the first 6 months!! Most of this year I have been pregnant….ok I guess the whole time but I have still pulled out 3 half marathons, a 20 miler race, and a 10k. I’m pretty psyched about that! In that I’ve legged out 660 miles. I’m starting to slow down but I’m psyched about how I started!

  10. Sounds like you’re well on your way toward your goal! Very smart to check-in halfway, not only on your goal but in all regards. I need to do the same.

    And as a sidenote, I think ‘diet’ is an appropriate word. It simply means what we eat, even though the fad-industry has taken it over to mean restriction. Good luck!

  11. Nice mileage! Keep up the good work.

    I like your phrasing – nutritional intake. I’ve got lots of room for improvement on that one, too. Good luck.

  12. Wow! That is quite an impressive list of goals for the next half of the year, and congratulations on all that you have accomplished. BTW, you are one of my favorite running blogs. You are inspiring, warm, and this is just a fun place to visit. OK, all warm fuzzies aside, dude, you really have to start eating clean.

  13. Good God I can’t even fathom a 50-miler. You’re nuts. ;)

    Eating clean…that’s one of my goals for this month, because I have my first half coming up and I know I need the proper fuel for it. It’s just so hard getting the husband to eat clean with me! Grrr. ;)

  14. Nice work on those goals so far!

    PS – On the foggy sunglasses, there are some spray-on products (sometimes sold for car windows, sometimes for sunglasses) that supposedly work to minimize fog. Or maybe try the anti-fog gel divers use for their dive masks? (Smear a drop on, rinse it off, voila. Clear vision underwater!)

  15. I like the idea of a post like this. Nice little half way point check in!! Its super creepy that your mileage is so on point to your goal like that. NICE work. I bet you end up going over, for sure.

  16. Killin’ it.

  17. Wow you’ve done great so far!!! I wish I would’ve made a mileage goal for this year. Such a great idea & so motivating! Kudos. Job well done.

  18. If you find a pair of sunglasses that don’t fog up, please let us all know :)

    Right now I run sans glasses because of that or just with a visor. I hate it!

    • Thanks… I have seen some comments above with suggestions. Haven’t tried tho.


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